Chef Kwame Onwuachi returns to New York to open a restaurant in Lincoln Center. The celebrity chef opens a restaurant on the ground floor of David Geffen Hall, the performance venue that is the headquarters of the New York Philharmonic.

Onwuachi’s as-yet-unnamed restaurant focuses on an Afro-Caribbean menu filtered through a New York lens. The restaurant’s menu includes dishes such as bodega-style diced cheese buns made with beef, Taleggio cheese, and truffles, Egusi soup dumplings, and braised oxtail.

Onwuachi’s new restaurant is gaining attention as part of several years-long hospitality projects that have undergone a multi-million dollar overhaul to open at David Geffen Hall in Lincoln Center.

The building is reopening this October, two years ahead of schedule, so Onwuachi’s New York restaurant could open this fall.

Who is Kwame Onwuachi?
Onwuachi, who started working at major New York restaurants such as Per Se, competed in Top Chef. His tenure as chef of Kith/Kin in Washington DC in recent years has helped him win the 2019 James Beard Award. He is also the author of a memoir that was adapted into a movie in 2019.



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