Pizza, pasta, lasagna, ravioli… One of the favorite dishes of Italian cuisine, one of the most popular cuisines, is undoubtedly risotto. It is a world to be discovered with its soft texture, pieces of rice, and spices that vary according to the region where it is made. Here are the amazing restaurants where you can find the best risotto in four major cities of Italy.

Ratanà, Milan

The number one address of the Milanese risotto, made with saffron and one of the most popular types of risotto, is Ratanà, the owner of Michelin Plate. Ratanà brings modern versions of famous Italian dishes together with its fans. With its magnificent wine selection and famous risotto, it offers pleasant moments to both tourists and Milan residents.

Antica Bottega Del Vino, Verona

Antica Bottega Del Vino is the favorite place for those who want to experience a classic Italian restaurant in Verano. The most famous dish of the restaurant’s menu is “Risotto all’Amarone”. Visitors to Antica Bottega Del Vino from the surrounding cities and different countries can consult the trained sommeliers of the place to learn the wines that will go best with this delicious risotto.

Trattoria alla Madonna, Venice

One of the first places that come to mind when it comes to risotto in Venice, Trattoria alla Madonna was founded in 1954 by Fulvio Rado and has been run by her son for more than 30 years. Trattoria alla Madonna is also very famous for its seafood. The seafood risotto has become indispensable for visitors.

Trattoria Zà Zà, Florence

Trattoria Zà Zà, with its olive oil, truffle, and rich garlic dishes, which are indispensable for Tuscan cuisine and Italian dishes, offers a feast of taste to its visitors. It is one of the unrivaled addresses of risotto in Florence with its risotto flavored with zucchini, saffron, shrimp, and truffles.



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