Michelin starred Tom Kerridge is making an extraordinary entry into the fast food market. Although ‘Bad Vegan’ brings innovations to the London market, it is the target of some criticism.

Recently, LabTech, owner of Camden's Market, announced the opening of Tom Kerridge's restaurant, Bad Vegan, in Buck Street Market. Aiming to make vegan cuisine more accessible, Bad Vegan has Michelin-starred touches thanks to the dexterity of its founder. Kerridge wants to make everyone love vegan cuisine with a limited amount of non-vegan sauces and is preparing to offer seasonal vegetables in a satisfying and affordable way.  The word ‘bad’ in the name of the restaurant comes from these little getaways on the predominantly vegan menu. However, this approach is criticized by some as it deviates the vegan diet from its purpose.
Maggie Milosavljevic, LabTech's Commercial Director, states that plant-based nutrition is becoming increasingly common in the UK, adding that these products are at the forefront of both food and retail. Bad Vegan by Tom Kerridge aims to normalize vegan food for meat eaters with the non-vegan additions it has received criticism for, while offering great vegan products.


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