The Euro Asia regional final of S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2020 will take place on 8 October 2019 in Moscow  at the Bolschoi Theatre.

The top ten young chefs selected by the ALMA Culinary School in the Russian Federation, Finland and Latvia will face a live cooking competition of seven professional chefs presenting their signature dishes to the local jury. The most creative plate to be selected by the chefs will represent the region in the grand finale.

The chiefs of the jury are: Vladimir Mukhin (Russia), Aram Mnastakanov (Russia), Sergey Berezuskiy (Russia), Adrian Quetglas (Russia), Angelica Udeküll (Estonia), Linnea Vihonen (Finlandia) and Inga Paernum (Estonia).

Here is a list of all the young chef finalists

A total of four categories of prizes will be awarded:

S.Pellegrino Young Chef Award: Awarded by an independent chef jury for each Region and Seven Sages at the Grand Finale, this award is given to a chef who has unrivaled technical skills, original creativity and exceptional talents for gastronomy.

S.Pellegrino Award for Social Responsibility: It will represent the principle of socially responsible practices and will be given to the internationally renowned for sustainability in food for food.

Acqua Panna Award: Mentors representing 50 countries around the world will be given food for the perfect link between different cultures on the plate.

The fourth prize is the Fine Dining Lovers Thought Award, which will be awarded to young chefs who have been voted at Fine Dining Lovers and who best represent their personal beliefs in their cooking.

Further information on how to vote in the future will be announced on the Fine Dining Lovers website.

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