Created by the S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy to nurture the future of gastronomy, the most exciting talent quest for the world’s young chefs came to an impressive conclusion on Saturday, October 30th. Representing England and Northern Europe, Jerome Ianmark Calayag stood out in the competition, surpassing 9 talented chefs from around the world, and received the prestigious title at the award ceremony held in Milan.

In the grand finale of the 2019-21 S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy Contest, after competitive cooking tours, Jerome Ianmark Calayag, representing the UK and Northern Europe Region, has been announced as the winner of the S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy Award 2019-21. The impressive signature dish, titled “modest vegetables”, designed in partnership with Jerome’s mentor, David Ljungqvist, captivated the grand jury with its selection of ingredients, skills, genius, beauty of the dish and message behind the plate, leaving 9 other talented entrants behind.

This year’s competition introduced three new awards that complement the S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy Award and reflect S.Pellegrino’s belief and support for the transformative power of gastronomy and its impact beyond cuisine. Representing Africa and the Middle East Region, Elissa Abou Tasse won the Acqua Panna Connection Award for her “Adam’s garden”, a signature dish with ingredients highlighting the richness of her own cultural past.

Callan Austin, from Africa and Middle East Region, received the S.Pellegrino Social Responsibility Award from Food Made Good to the chef who came up with the recipe that best represents the food principle, with his “Ghost Network”.

The 3-day event ended with a special gala dinner.



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