Luce, which has a special place among fine dining restaurants, returns to bring its longed-for flavors to its guests. Located withing the InterContinental Hotel in San Francisco, Luce became known for its tasting menu prepared by Dominique Crenn. The restauant which was closed during the pandemic and lost its Michelin star last year, intends to regain its star with a new chef.

Although Dominique Crenn left its place to other chefs, Luce who held the Michelin star for 10 years, closed its doors due to the epidemic after undergoing a major renovation in the spring of 2019. Luce, which was announced to have lost its star in te Michelin Guide announced last week, now returns with a new chef and a new menu. With experienced chef Rogelio Garcia, restaurant will serve Mexican cuisine as well as European flavors.



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