This year was a year in which many innovations were implemented for the food and beverage industry, surprising decisions were taken and limits were exceeded. Here are the food and dining trends that stand out in 2021 with vegan nutrition, digitalization, and many more innovations.

The trends compiled by Forbes in its news Show that more bold decisions are being made in the food and beverage industry than ever before. 2021 has been a year where gender equality has been emphasized above all else. Businesses owned by women began to attract attention with their success. Speeches raising awareness against gender discrimination and racism were one of the good developments of this year.

One of the other important changes of 2021 is the digitalization of service in restaurants… Many applications that were a dream for us before the Covid-19 pandemic have become one of the standard services of restaurants and this year customers have adopted these applications.


This year, restaurants have started to move away from their classic concepts. With the ‘Ghost Kitchen’ trend, customers can order many flavors from a single location. Noting that there are also changes in the drinking culture, experts say that the drinks called ‘Hard Seltzer’, consisting of a mixture of many alcoholic drinks and fruits, are very popular this year.

While counting the prominent trends in 2021, it is not possible not to include vegan nutrition in this list. Vegan cuisine has now gone far beyond just tofu and sprouts and has begun to offer recipes that are as calorie and delicious as protein-containing menus. Moreover, many fine-dining restaurants supported this trend by announcing that they switched to a completely vegan menu.

The epidemic accelerated digitalization in food and beverage culture, as in every field. Viral food videos have started to attract more attention than ever before with the effect of setting trends. The year 2021 surprised us with many innovations for new steps to be taken in 2022. Now all eyes are on the exciting trends that 2022 will offer!



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