With its lands in Europe and Asia and the powerful Bosphorus waterway passing through, Istanbul has one of the most rooted food cultures in the world. Istanbul, which is seen as the place where mercantilism and epicureanism meet, doubled its accumulation with the Ottoman Empire, one of the most developed states in history. Being the center of world trade routes, Istanbul is a point where different cultures and products meet. This rich culture makes itself felt from markets to restaurants, from street flavors to new generation menus. Sharing the world’s most important gastronomy destinations with food gurus, The World’s 50 Best site examined Istanbul, which has the undeniable richness of all these deep-rooted traditions, and its most remarkable venues. Here are the Istanbul places that are on the list of places that must be visited on the site:

Aheste, which draws attention with its distinguished appetizer menus, Inari Omakase, which offers colorful Japanese delicacies, Karaköy Restaurant, one of the important representatives of Ottoman cuisine, Kıyı Restaurant, which offers delicious fish from the Bosphorus to its customers, Mikla, which creates new generation Anatolian flavors, Neolokal, which draws attention with its ‘slow food’ classics, in the world in meat den. Nusr-Et Steakhouse Etiler, which has become one of the first brands that come to mind, and Yeni Lokanta, which adds different interpretations to modern Turkish tastes.



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