The stars of the gastronomy world meet at Gastromasa! Let’s get to know our world-famous guests who opened our horizons with their inspiring experiences and culinary secrets.  

Hélène Pietrini, who was the former director of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, which reveals the best restaurants and bars in the world every year, has now been directing the gastronomy world as the managing director of La Liste since 2021. La Liste does not only rank the Top 1000 world’s best restaurants every year in line with the principles of “transparency, honesty, and universality”, but is also the largest restaurants guide thanks to its database of more than 27,500 restaurants in 200 countries which is available in its restaurant finder app. It is a big step for Turkish gastronomy to open up to the world that Hélène Pietrini, the ‘number one’ of this important list, which is followed with interest by the whole world, comes to our country and gets to know Turkish cuisine and İstanbul’s new, authentic chef restaurants better.



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