World-renowned tenor Geoff Sewell and chef Josh Emett come together for an event that will feast the senses.

Geoff Sewell, who has carried out many magnificent concerts; rolled up his sleeves for an amazing evening that brings together food and music. The name of this extraordinary event that will take place in Auckland is Sound Bites.

At the event, which will be held at the five-star Park Hyatt, Josh Emett will welcome guests with a concert, while Michelin-starred chef Josh Emett will present his special recipes. The event was planned with Elemental, which has brought together music, art and food many times before.

This event, which has excited the world of art and gastronomy since the day it was announced, is a bit untimely for some, due to the pandemic. But Sewell says the coronavirus pandemic has inspired them. “This activity is about waking up from sleep and finally getting out and enjoying something,” says Sewell, who believes Sound Bites is needed more than ever to reawaken the senses after months of quarantine.

Josh Emett, a chef, restaurateur and former MasterChef judge, is yet to decide what will make it onto the Sound Bites menu. But one thing he promises is that the dishes will be made from fresh, seasonal produce and have a ‘classical’ touch. Emett’s recipes will be in harmony with Sewell’s melodies and, above all, will satisfy the souls of the guests.



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