The wait is almost over for Esmé. Reservations have started for the restaurant, whose opening day was announced as August 17. Jenner Tomaska’s highly anticipated restaurant offers a different experience where taste and art intertwine.

Tomaska ​​and his wife, Katrina Bravo, want to offer Lincoln Park a different kind of fine-dining restaurant by collaborating with local artists and create signature dishes. Tomaska ​​says that they will exhibit the works of artists at Esmé in October. They plan to donate some of the sales to a charity by displaying the work of many artists at these joint dinners.

One of Esmé’s signature dishes is the already famous salted sable. The product was inspired by Aron Fischer, who makes Esmé’s plates. Tomaska, who wants to adapt the image of the plates painted with wood ash to his food, uses cherry tree ash in salted sable to capture a smoked taste. Bringing delicious dinners together with art, Esmé is getting ready to offer a new experience to its guests with its different tasting menu and ambiance as of August 17.



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