Three-Michelin-starred chef Hajime Yoneda participated in a gastronomy project involving artificial intelligence (AI) applications with Japanese consumer electronics company Sony. Sony is hosting a gastronomy project for functions such as new recipe creation and robotics solutions that can help chefs with their meals. Hajime Yoneda, owner, and chef of HAJIME, was invited by Sony as the consultant of a project to redesign the future of restaurants with artificial intelligence and robotics.

Yoneda said: “Life on Earth has evolved together with changes in the environment and the food we consume. This means, breaking new grounds at the forefront of gastronomy, one bears the responsibility for the evolution of life itself. And when the change spans across both the analog and digital realms, it represents a major turning point. The use of AI and robotics presents great possibilities from addressing various global food-related issues to new methods of creativity, going beyond mere imitation of cooking. I am truly excited to open each of these new doors with Sony AI. At the foundation of cooking is ‘hope’. I would like to make this a project that brings much hope and excitement to the world”, according to The Drinks Business’ news.

The company recognizes the opportunities in gastronomy as one of the global creative entertainment venues, connecting chefs who are also creative with diners. It invests in R&D studies in partnerships with various collaborators.



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