Carolina Herrera brings Angelina Paris, one of Paris’ popular teahouses and cafes, to the Madison Avenue flagship, as part of the fusion of fashion and food. The famous American fashion house is launching such an initiative for the first time after some other famous clothing stores have entered the food court.

“We think of our flagship as our home, and this is an extension of that, a place where everyone can come and entertain. And who doesn’t want to be outside, see friends and enjoy the sun and flowers right now?” said Carolina Herrera creative director Wes Gordon of the outdoor bistro set-up. “Our idea was to turn 75th and Madison into a little Angelina Corner.”

Angelina was established in 1903 by confectioner Anton Rumpelmayer with his son René, and named after his daughter-in-law. The Art Nouveau tearoom was designed by Belle Epoque architect Édouard-Jean Niermans, and quickly became a hangout for Paris’ beau monde, including Marcel Proust and Coco Chanel.



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