Beneficial Blends, one of the leading manufacturers in food, beverage, dietary supplements, cosmetics and aromatherapy, has announced that it will become the manufacturer of David Burke’s products. Beneficial Blends will develop and manufacture Burke’s new range of flavored oil blends. These innovative oils will be served at Burke’s award-winning restaurants and sold nationwide in grocery chains, department stores and on the QVC Television Network.

Beneficial Blends’ innovative products, along with chef Burke’s artistic techniques, will redefine the culinary industry with new developments and distributions. Chef Burke recognizes Beneficial Blends’ market expertise and commitment to food quality and safety as a key component in developing its new products.

“With Chef Burke, we look forward to entering the kitchen and formulating innovative products where people can create unique dishes,” said Erin Meagher, Beneficial Blends CEO. “With Chef Burke, we’re excited to lead the culinary revolution and create unforgettable dining experiences.” she added.

Chef Burke, who is recognized as an important pioneer in American cuisine, said, “I am extremely excited about my new partnership with Beneficial Blends. I have been trying flavored oils for many years and Beneficial Blends’ expert team will take me to a whole new level. They are also passionate about the culinary arts.”



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