The legendary creator of Mugaritz, Andoni Luis Aduriz, made candid statements at the Reuters Next conference he attend. Stating that smell and taste are more prominent in gastronomy, but the texture is just as important, Aduriz also talked about the meals he formulated for space travels.

Shaking the gastronomy world with the Mugaritz brand he founded in 1998, Andoni Luis Aduriz continues to cross borders. Offering unexpected tastes to his guests with over a 20-course set menu, Aduriz invites his guests to move away from their comfort zones and live new experiences. Speaking at the Reuters Next session, the Michelin-starred chef said, “Some people seem to think that smell and taste are the most important factor. We are convinced that textures are at least as important, if not more.”


Andoni Luis Aduriz, who also designs menus for space travel, formulates the perfect meal for space travelers, “We are talking about people who are going to travel up into space and who will want to eat well. The gastronomy-pleasure-hedonism factor will be present,” he says.

Sustainability is as important as providing healthy food in the future Aduriz dreams of and aims to achieve such a balance by reviving old preparation techniques such as fermentation. On the other hand, Mugaritz’s creative team continues to provide unexpected experiences for the guests. Talking about this extraordinary experience, Aduriz said, “Mugaritz is a non-algorithm. It does not give you what you like, it gives you what you might like. After all, out mouths give us the opportunity to eat the world.”



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