Nigel Haworth, one of the prestigious Michelin-starred chefs of Lancashire, England, has announced when his new pub and restaurant will open. Former Northcote chief Nigel Haworth became the number one name for The Three Fishes in Mitton, near Clitheroe.

Haworth has confirmed that the restaurant will initially open in October, but in its latest statement, it will open on Friday, November 12. The successful chef wrote on Instagram: “It seems now as we get closer to our opening, big changes are happening in the look of The Three Fishes every day, gradually members of our team will start joining us and we will start taking these final steps towards the opening. Thank you all for your patience, We had to overcome many obstacles to get where we are, but we couldn’t have made it without your support.”

Work has begun on the venue, and Chef Nigel Haworth says it will focus on “premium ingredients” and “seasonally oriented menus.” His plans for the venue also include an orchard and a plot to grow produce for the bar.



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