The temporarily opened ADMO restaurant came to life on the top of the Musée du Quai Branly in Paris on November 9. The restaurant is headed by Alain Ducasse, Romain Meder and Jessica Préalpato, a longed-for trio of the Paris gastronomic scene. The menu of the restaurant, which will only serve for a hundred days, was prepared by the famous Spanish chef Albert Adrià.

The idea for the restaurant had been running through Ducasse’s mind for several years. Albert Adrià said, “About two and a half years before the pandemic started, the chef came to my Tickets restaurant in Barcelona for dinner. Even back then, Alain Ducasse was telling me that I had to do a project in Paris,” he said, referring to his collaboration with Ducasse.

Romain Meder says, “The first dish Albert served me was mole (a very strong-tasting Mexican sauce) served over sweet potatoes. I found the sauce great.” said. On the pastry side of the restaurant is Préalpato, who was named the best pastry chef in the world in 2019.

ADMO will continue to serve in Paris for the next 100 days.



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