CRADLE OF FOOD is a unique one-day food conference and fundraiser honouring the culinary heritage, the food cultures, and the people of Southeastern Turkey and Northern Syria, the region devastated by the February 2023 earthquakes. The aim of the event is to help protect and sustain the region’s rich culinary culture by sharing its flavours, recipes, and stories with the world and also by providing support to local producers. The event will be hosted on Mon, 12 Jun 2023.

A full day of talks, discussions, and immersive food experiences set in London’s iconic Old Billingsgate, the conference will feature inspiring talks about the region’s rich culinary culture as well as discussions on the role of food in the rehabilitation of communities. A highlight of the day will no doubt be the massive Collaboration Lunch featuring heritage dishes, prepared by leading chefs and culinary icons from the region and beyond.

The home of many cultures across millennia, this region is one of the World’s cradles of civilization. With major trading hubs as well as crossroads of arts, sciences, and religions, it has undisputed historical and cultural significance. The culinary heritage is immensely rich and layered, thanks to a wealth of ingredients and a kaleidoscope of peoples.

The event is supported by PROTOTİP:RAKI. All proceeds from ticket sales and additional donations will be used to aid small-scale farmers and producers of the region through a collaboration with Turkey Mozaik Foundation (registered in England and Wales, Charity number 1174968) and local humanitarian organization Hayata Destek (Support to Life).


09:45 – 10:30



Morning Talks

12:30 – 14:00

Collaboration Lunch

14:00 – 18:00

Afternoon Talks

18:00 – 19:30



Speakers: Ana Sortun, Anissa Helou, Ansel Mullins, Carolyn Steel, Filiz Hösükoğlu, Gözdem Gürbüzatik, İsa Bal, Jessica Rosval, Kamal Mouzawak, Kathryn Morgan, Maksut Aşkar, Mohammad Orfali, Tangör Tan

Contributors: Ahmet Dede, Ana Sortun, Berkok Yüksel, Burçak Kazdal, Cem Mirap, Cihan Çetinkaya, Deniz Alphan, Emre Şen, Esen Hünal, Esra Muslu, Fatih Akerdem, Filiz Hösükoğlu, Hülya Ekşigil, Hus Vedat, Imad Al Arnab, İnanç Çelengil, İsa Bal, Kardelen Soyalp, Kemal Demirasal, Leen Al Zaben, Levon Bağış, Lotta Jörgensen, Maksut Aşkar, Mehmet Akdağ, Moyin Halabi, Mohammad Orfali, Murat Deniz Temel, Mustafa Özgüler, Oğul Türkkan, Özhan Zengin, Reyhan Ülker, Sandra Kaya, Şemsa Denizsel, Seray Öztürk, Sinan Büdeyri, Sinan Hamamsarılar, Somer Sivrioğlu, Süleyman Gülüm, Şahin Erdal, Tangör Tan, Tülin Bozüyük, Tuba Şatana, Yaren Çarpar


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