Michelin-starred chef Paolo Griffa will participate in the International Gastromasa Gastronomy Conference 2023!

 The 8th Edition of the International Gastromasa Gastronomy Conference which continues to serve as a bridge between Turkey and world gastronomy and is in the first two places among world gastronomy events, will be held on November 4-5, 2023 at the Haliç Congress Center in Istanbul. The theme of the conference will be “Geography”. Gastromasa Hospitality, Gastromasa Coffee, Gastromasa Bar and Gastromasa Pastry concepts, which will take place within our Gastromasa Conference, will bring together world-renowned gastronomy professionals who shape the sector under the same roof. 60+ world-renowned chefs and pastry chefs, 30+ baristas, sommeliers and mixologists, 200+ professional speakers, the most important investors of the tourism and hospitality sector, famous chefs, gastronomy professionals, general managers, F&B managers, purchasing managers, and many others will have the opportunity to take part at the 8th Edition of the International Gastromasa Gastronomy Conference.


About Paolo Griffa

Paolo Griffa was born in 1991 in Piedmont, a hilly region of northwest Italy that borders France. The first idea for Paolo came from the country of white truffles and Barolo wine, where gastronomic culture is both rich and robust. Griffa had his culinary training in some of the world’s top eateries, including Combal Zero and Piccolo Lago in Italy, Le Chateaubriand*, Septime*, and Serge Vieira** in France, Studio*, and in Copenhagen. He received the San Pellegrino Young Chef Award for Italy in 2015, and in 2017, he competed in the Italian Bocuse d’Or Selection. Two years later, he was appointed chef of the Petit Royal restaurant in Courmayeur, at the base of Mont Blanc.

Paolo was recognized by Forbes in March 2021 as one of the 100 most prominent Italians in Italy under the age of 30.

He relocated to Aosta, a charming town encircled by the Alps, in August 2022 to open his “Paolo Griffa al Caffè Nazionale,” which received its first Michelin star in November 2022, just three months after opening, making his dream of owning his own restaurant a reality. Intriguingly, “Paolo Griffa al Caffè Nazionale” is one of the most technologically advanced restaurants in Italy. It is housed in one of the oldest restaurants in the Aosta region, a place rich in history that has long served as the city’s social, cultural, and culinary center. However, the restaurant had been vacant for a while before Paolo decided to give it a new lease on life.

Since 1886, or more than 150 years, the restaurant has looked out onto the main square of Aosta. Today, it has a distinctive layout that respects the location’s historic significance and is designed to tell the tale of the region through the furnishings, the ambiance, and the food. The dining room is a chapel from the 1300s that has undergone a thorough restoration to reveal historic paintings, valuable flooring, and boiserie. During the subterranean renovations, even a part of the Ancient Roman Forum was revealed. The Aosta Valley is a wellspring of resources, ideas, excellence, and inspiration for more people than ever. Paolo Griffa and his group, who serve as modern-day representatives of the uniqueness of local raw resources, bringing guests on a virtual trip and inspiring the rediscovery of classic recipes. “Paolo Griffa al Caffè Nazionale” is the first haute cuisine restaurant and patisserie in Italy that uses a capillary system of supervision and monitoring of all equipment. By tracking consumption, energy use, and thermal flow, the technology ensures a reduction in the environmental effect with the intent to reduce energy waste and optimize consumption.

Griffa’s cuisine is known for being imaginative, humorous, and joyous. It is an ode to the Aosta Valley in all of its quirks, as well as to its past, present, and future. The items on the menu are large, intriguing, and unexpected, with a series of sharp accords and opposing flavors that are always created with accuracy, morality, and beauty, and Paolo is able to connect the hunt for genuine tastes to his ambition to surprise and astonish.


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