Chef Paul Foster already has a Michelin-starred restaurant to his name in Stratford-Upon-Avon, called Salt, but now he’s getting ready to open in London too. He’ll be taking over a space in Camden’s Hawley Wharf for Grassfed.

That name refers to the grass-fed beef that will have a big presence on the menu, with much of it cooked over hot coals. On that menu, we can expect:

Beef Snag, a beef hotdog with truffle mayonnaise, crispy onions and pickled onions
Beef rib on the bone to share, with a choice of Cotswold Sobrasada and Stichelton blue cheese
It’s not all beef though, with another dish being BBQ dayboat fish with smoked seaweed butter.

The chef’s plan is to showcase quality Britsh-sourced meat and to raise awareness about regenerative farming, which results in nutritious crops, healthier animals and land. As for the restaurant, it’ll be a two-floored affair and will include both counter dining and some canalside seating. Sounds like a very interesting addition to Hawley Wharf and judging by their Instagram tag, this may not be the only Grassfed restaurant they’re planning.



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