The 2022 film ‘The Menu’, starring Ralph Fiennes and Anya Taylor-Joy, was one of the productions that occupied the agenda of cinema lovers for a long time. Although the film, which was shot in areas in the US state of Georgia, takes place in the ‘Hawthorne Restaurant’, it makes you think, “I wonder if he took his inspiration from Iris in the middle of the sea, a little away from the Norwegian fjords?”. A restaurant in the middle of the Norwegian fjords, accessible only by boat: Iris. It is possible to say that this place, designed by Kvorning Design and offering planet-friendly menus, is inspiring.

Located in ‘Salmon Eye’, an experience center, Iris has Anika Madsen and her team as head chef in the kitchen. The floating structure was started by the family behind Eide Fjordbruk, the world’s first and only carbon-neutral certified salmon producer.
Madsen, who incorporates sustainability into her culinary principles, also asks the following questions while preparing her dishes: “What are the biggest threats to the global food system? What innovations can we use to protect and sustain the industry?”


Unconventional yet environmentally friendly

Marketed with the concept of ‘Expedition Dining’, this delicious journey is accompanied by an unforgettable underwater experience. Since the age of 17, Madsen, the head chef of Iris, who has been in the restaurant industry since the age of 17, tells the stories of the dishes they prepare while dragging his guests along with him on his journey to Iris. In Iris, where a traditional menu is not served, stories of the world’s food system and the challenges it faces are told.

Prepared with produce from within 500 metres of Salmon Eye, the dishes are also a ‘challenge’ for Iris’ kitchen team. The seasonality and locality of the dishes demonstrates Madsen’s prioritisation of seafood, while utilising the best of Norwegian produce. Each dish highlights a different element of the seafood sourcing infrastructure.


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