Looking for an unforgetable dining experience? French start-up Zephalto, which specialises in space tourism, has just launched a pre-booking service for gourmet trips in the stratosphere. Passengers will be able to enjoy a dinner worthy of a starred restaurant 25km (15.5 miles) above the Earth.

For this unique experience, Zephalto will offer you the chance to board a pressurised capsule called Céleste, which is attached to a balloon. Two pilots will be responsible for taking six passengers to seventh heaven for a journey “above the Earth and 98% of the atmosphere, immersed in the darkness of space”.

This unusual trip will last six hours, the time it takes to climb to altitude, enjoy the view and the meal, before coming back down to Earth. Zephalto assures us that this will be a “low-carbon trip”, with a reusable balloon that runs on helium.

Would you like to take advantage of this unique trip from France? Don’t delay. The project, in collaboration with the French Space Agency (CNES), has been so successful that flights planned for late 2024 and mid-2025 are already fully booked.

The experience is not, however, accessible to everyone. To reserve your place, you will first have to pay 10s of thousands of euros. Those selected will then have to pay a total of 120,000 euros to enjoy an exceptional menu.


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