We’ve known for some time that multi-Michelin-starred chef Yannick Alleno was opening a top-tier restuarant, Pavyllon, in London (they’re apparently deep in soft opening mode right now). But news that he’s also going to be running a bar alongside that surprised us today.

Bar Antoine, named after the chef’s late son, sounds like it might be just the place to try some of Alleno’s cooking, without the £148 tasting menu price tag. That said, the bar snacks are going to be on the luxe level with options including:

  • Antoine’s Burger – teriyaki beef burger that the team took three months to develop
  • Shiso Leaf tempura with caviar
  • The Chef’s take on “Fish & Chips”
  • Croqsandwich – with lobster, bechamel, mustard, truffled ham and Swiss cheese.

As for the drinks, think twists on classics like a Bloody Mary with essences of tomato and celery, and a mushroom-foam Espresso Martini. The bar itself looks set to be a handy place to know for the summer as it’s going to have a huge outside terrace with room for 70.



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