France-origin organization Salon du Chocolat will be brought to Türkiye in 2025. Sozen Group CEO Gökmen Sozen and Salon Du Chocolat CEO’su Gérald Palacios came together at the signature ceremony of participation in Paris, the capital of France.

Dresses made of chocolates, monumental sculptures and an arrange of chocolate. The famous meeting point of chocolate lovers, the France-based event Salon du Chocolat is coming to Türkiye in 2025 by Sözen Organization after taking place in many important destinations such as France (Paris and Lyon), USA (New York), Japan (Tokyo), United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Saudi Arabia (Riyadh), Canada (Montreal).


Salon du Chocolat, the famous meeting point for chocolate lovers in Paris, the capital of France, attracts guests every year with tastings, workshops and live shows. This event, where flavor is felt at its peak, has received the visa for Istanbul for 2025. Salon du Chocolat, which will be brought to Türkiye by Sözen Group CEO Gökmen Sözen, has already started to attract the attention of flavor lovers.

Gérald Palacios, CEO of Salon du Chocolat: “We look forward to organizing Salon du Chocolat in Istanbul in 2025”

Gérald Palacios, CEO of Salon du Chocolat, described this exciting partnership in the following words: “I think it’s a real pleasure to partner with someone who is such a pioneer in the gastronomy industry, has such a strong network and has such a love and passion for food. I know that Türkiye is a respectable hub and it also has traditionally rich culture when it comes to food. So this partnership is a brand new concept for us and it’s also a really exciting opportunity for us to talk about chocolate in a bigger place. I am sure we will be very successful with this partnership. In 2025, we look forward to organizing the Salon du Chocolat in Istanbul.”



Sözen Group CEO Gökmen Sözen: “We are very happy to bring Salon du Chocolat to Türkiye”

Sözen Group CEO Gökmen Sözen met with Salon du Chocolat CEO Gérald Palacios in France for this collaboration. Sharing his feelings about this event to be brought to Istanbul in 2025, Sözen said, “Salon du Chocolat, which is held in many countries around the world, has a very important place in world gastronomy, which we have been following for years. It is a very important event that takes place all over the world, both in the retail and HoReCa sector, and increases the world chocolate culture, chocolate and its by-products. We are very happy to bring Salon du Chocolat, which will be one of the brands of Sözen Organization, to Türkiye. In 2025, we will present this brand to Türkiye in Istanbul. We would like to thank Gérald Palacios, CEO of Salon du Chocolat, and his team for this cooperation. May it be auspicious for Türkiye’s gastronomy.”



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