The same owners who brought Islington’s Hot Stone to life also opened Fitzrovia’s RAI, which closed last year. However, the restaurant has reopened at a new site in Bloomsbury, just up the street. Executive Chef Padam Raj Rai, who has previously worked at Nobu, Sake no Hana, and Tsukiji, will once again oversee the cuisine. The restaurant will solely serve omakase, and the multi-course menu.

As for the look of the new RAI, the main focus seems to be the eight-person counter, but there are also five tables if you’re not a counter dining person.
Regarding the design of the new RAI, the eight-person counter appears to be the focal point; but, if you prefer table service, there are five other options.
The new restaurant serving just omakase, featuring the following items on the multi-course menu:
Homemade natto gyoza and tofu served with a traditional dashi soup Ikijime seabass topped with citrus oil, kombu, and yuzu beurre blanc
Scottish scallops that are hand-dived and served with yuzu, shisho pesto, British caviar, unagi, and ethical foie gras with English truffle.





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