Hosting the most important Michelin-starred chefs, sommeliers, mixologists, and trend-setting culinary geniuses in Turkey, the International Gastromasa Gastronomy Conference, which will be held for the seventh time this year, continues to shape the gastronomy world and expand our horizons with its full program and distinguished participants. On November 19-20, Gastromasa with the theme of “Sustainability & Biodiversity”; Gastromasa Pastry, Gastromasa Bar and Gastromasa Hospitality are getting ready to leave their mark on world gastronomy with their new concepts!

Philippe Bernachon, one of the star chefs, is meeting with the gastronomy industry and its fans in the organization that will take place at the Haliç Congress Center.

Bernachon, which has a long history in chocolate, is today cited among France’s top chocolatiers. It offers its guests an unforgettable experience with their chocolates made from the best cocoa beans in the world. Philippe Bernachon, who first engaged in trade away from his family heritage, later opts to become a chocolatier, describing this situation in the words of “passion passes from father to son.” The successful name tells the story of Bernachon, who has been Lyon’s best chocolatier for years.

Working with an international cocoa bean importer that contacts local producers around the world, Bernachon’s chocolates consist of 10 different types of cocoa beans, all with different taste and density. The chocolates are in a league of their own when it comes to quality, and are made according to a true bean-to-bar practice in the Lyon workshop. In 2017, Maison Bernachon obtained the EPV Label in 2017, and is proud to be a Living Heritage Company.

”A beautiful product, the unique taste of Bernachon chocolate is something that has accompanied me since childhood. Its special features are above all excellence & tradition.” says Philippe Bernachon, the third generation to take over the Bernachon business.

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