Hosting the most important Michelin-starred chefs, sommeliers, mixologists, and trend-setting culinary geniuses in Turkey, the International Gastromasa Gastronomy Conference, which will be held for the seventh time this year, continues to shape the gastronomy world and expand our horizons with its full program and distinguished participants. On November 19-20, Gastromasa with the theme of “Sustainability & Biodiversity”; Gastromasa Pastry, Gastromasa Bar and Gastromasa Hospitality are getting ready to leave their mark on world gastronomy with their new concepts!

Manoella Buffara, one of the star chefs, is meeting with the gastronomy industry and its fans in the organization that will take place at the Haliç Congress Center.

Her restaurant Manu, wins the Miele One To Watch Award for Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants 2018.  Manoella Buffara plans to fight for waste reduction, better nutrition and the environment. In addition to this, she often states that she prefers local products.

Paving the way for gastronomy in Brazil, Manu celebrates the culture and produce unique to the region of Paraná. At Manu, she uses organic ingredients from carefully selected suppliers and her own garden. Formerly studying journalism, Manu found her passion for cooking, realizing her way of communicating was not through words but taste. Inspired by her family and background, Manu learned the value of land and animals growing up in the countryside and incorporates this in her everyday technique. Manu’s devotion to sustainability and quality ingredients stems into her commitment to Curitiba, working with local communities to transform abandoned sites into urban gardens and educating locals on how to care for the gardens and feed themselves.

Voted the Best Latin America’s female chef in 2022 for 50Best Academy, the southern Brazilian chef, Manoella Buffara Ramos, or Manu, boasts a collection of national and international prizes and honors as number 21 in The Best Chef Awards worldwide ranking and chef and owner of restaurant number 49 in the list of Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants (both in 2021), a fixed juror since 2019 of the Basque Culinary Center, and one of the stars of the last four versions of the Gelinaz chefs’ collective. According to the Brazilian chef Alex Atala and the writer and food curator, Andrea Petrini, Manu, put the city of Curitiba, in South Brazil, on the world gastronomic map. Opened in January 2011, Manu Restaurant is the first ever in Brazil headed up by a woman chef to serve only a tasting menu. Manu Restaurant has five tables, serves 20 people per night and are in tune with the cuttingedge trends of culinary, working with fresh, seasonal ingredients, and 60% of the products used in the recipes are plant based. Manu knows each ingredient she uses in her preparations, as well as each person who supplies them, 80% of whom live within a 300 km radius from the restaurant. From November 2022 to November 2023, Manu will run Fresh in the Garden, a year of Manu Buffara kitchen at Soneva Resort, at the Maldives Islands. Part of her Curitiba team’s will move to Maldives for a year and cook with the incredible ingredients from the island gardens as well as from Sri Lanka, India and Asia. The restaurant will have 35 seats and a menu with 30% vegan recipes; 30% vegetarian recipes and the rest based on seafood. In 2023, Manu will open her second restaurant, Ella, in the Meatpacking District of New York, USA. The New York restaurant’s design was conceived by architect Márcio Kogan to accommodate 60 diners and aims to show Manu Buffara’s most straightforward side and will have shared dishes and appetizes. Always made with fresh, natural ingredients and a Brazilian touch.

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