The St. Regis Downtown Dubai is introducing organic and natural wines to its offering. Natural wines are made with low human intervention and with no or minimal additives, typically made from organically or biodynamically grown grapes and are fermented using natural yeast, with little to no added sulfites.

The hotel’s head sommelier Christiaan Olivier is a natural and biodynamic wine enthusiast and he aims to showcase what real wine is all about – authenticity, simplicity, and a conscious way of living closer to nature.

He said: “Natural wines have captivated wine enthusiasts around the world, and it’s no surprise that the major production countries, such as Lebanon, Argentina, South Africa, and Spain, are making their mark in the market.

“The future of natural wines holds immense promise and we are proud to introduce these exceptional wines at The St. Regis Downtown Dubai. It’s an exciting journey ahead as we embrace the synergy between natural wines and the vibrant flavors of the region.”

This section will encompass Pet Nat sparkling wine and organic Cavas. The wine list will also shine a spotlight on wines originating from ancient wine producing regions and traditional styles, such as orange wines.

The new selection will be available throughout The St. Regis Downtown Dubai’s venues, including Hayal, The St. Regis Bar, The Library, and Basta.


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