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Andreas Krolik has gone a long way with his haute vegan cuisine in a city that loves meat so much that it named a sausage after itself (Ein Frankfurter, bitte). A green cuisine that latest also has impressed Copenhagen as 1000 guests found their way to Lafleur’s 4 week pop-up in Tivoli Gardens that ends this Sunday.

Krolik – a child of DDR – doesn’t make much fuzz about himself or his successes, but I have access to guests’ feedback and given point score through the pop-up’s reservation system and the judgement is clear; the culinary capital, Copenhagen, is very pleased with the haute cuisine veggie creations of Andreas Krolik. Very.

Or as @copenhagen_foodie wrote it:

“Vegetarian (vegan) food is not particularly popular in Denmark, and when it is, it is usually done quite badly or fermentation is used extensively to build a complex and deep flavour profile. When talking to head chef Andreas Krolik about just this he replied that “why would you use preserved vegetables at the peak of their freshness?” This approach really works for Lafleur and it works because of their ability to build flavour and by not following the general consensus they stand out. Luckily they stand out in a very positive way. End to end the meal had surpassed my expectations with seemingly simple preparation but with great flavour and texture.“

A big congratulations to Andreas, Boris, Miguel, Robert, Sandra and the rest of Lafleur’s team for an outstanding performance in Copenhagen. And a special congratulations to Alexandra Himmel who also got awarded as “German Sommelier of The Year” by Gault & Millau meanwhile she was busy serving guests in the Danish capital.

In this recent piece, Forbes goes deep into the veggie world of Lafleur and why this restaurant situated in a giant palm garden in the green heart of an urban jungle, is an absolute must to visit next time you find yourself in the financial capital of Europe.


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