Speaking at the opening of the conference and at the “Can a Plate Change Tomorrow?” session, Metro Turkey CEO Sinem Türung said, “As Metro Turkey, we have been supporting the International Gastromasa Gastronomy Conference as the main sponsor since its first year. It gives us great pleasure to have supported the transformation of this conference into one of the most important events that bring together opinion leaders who shape gastronomy during the 7 years that have passed. Organized this year with the theme of ‘Sustainability and Biodiversity for a New World’, the conference fully coincides with our approach to sustainability. As Metro Turkey, we have been focusing on the transformation and development of the food and beverage industry in Turkey for 32 years, while actually supporting the sustainability transformation of the industry. The most important question that determines our route in our sustainability journey: Can a Plate Change Tomorrow? replaces; because the gastronomy sector is much more connected with environmental and ecological conditions than it is thought. The use of local and geographically marked products, seasonal fresh ingredients, fish caught under the right conditions, and the adoption of waste-free cuisine contribute to creating a more sustainable future in each prepared plate. Our aim is to add sustainability to ‘plates’ in all kitchens, especially in the food and beverage sector. We will continue to work towards this goal,” she said.


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