After the victimization of the pandemic has been through restaurants, German gastronomy has been reborn from its ashes. At the Michelin Guide Germany 2022 award ceremony, the country achieved the highest success by increasing the total number of starred restaurants to 327 of all times.

Michelin Guide Germany 2022 has launched new stars, including one new three-star restaurant, eight new two-star restaurants and 31 new one-star restaurants. The country’s eleven restaurants have also proved a commitment to the principles of sustainability, with the Green Star award.

Located in Piesport, the two-star Schanz Restaurant received three stars this year, bringing itself to the top of German gastronomy. Patron and chef Thomas Schanz’s restaurant was awarded three stars with his modern classic dishes. Germany is shining like a star in the German gastronomy industry with 9 Michelin stars.



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