Copenhagen’s Geranium restaurant, owned and operated by Chef Rasmus Kofoed, was named the best restaurant in the world at The World’s 50 Best Restaurants award ceremony held in London.

Emotionally, Kofoed talked about his growth at the historic fish market, Old Billingstgate, and his struggle to find a place in the world. His happiness in both cooking and the recognition of himself and his team in the restaurant stood out.

Having trouble holding back the tears, the chef described his feelings after hearing the name of his restaurant echo in the crowded hall: “For me, this reputation has nothing to do with being better than each other, it’s a celebration for all of us”.

Geranium is a restaurant located inside a football stadium in the Danish capital, known for Kofoed’s distinctive and thoughtful dishes. It draws attention with its 20-course tasting menu, seasonal products and strong techniques. Kofaed is also the only chef in the world to win bronze, silver and gold awards in the Bocuse d’Or cooking competition.

The famous chef shared the stage with Soren Ledet and mentioned that they would not get anywhere without the dedication of his team: “We have chefs from four continents and 15 different nations in our team, we would never have achieved our dream without their passion.

To the crowd of journalists lining up to talk to the Chef, Kofoed said: “Now we have to go out and dance a bit.”




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