The French government wants restaurants to inform customers when food is not prepared fresh at the restaurant. The new regulation introduced by the French government according to the French restaurants served after that of the ingredients used in the dishes or the dish itself can be freshly cooked not cooked, that is, whether it is ready-made or homemade to be notified to customers.

According to the 2 Michelin stars chef Thierry Marx, only half out of 175,000 restaurants in France are serving homemade food. “Many of them suffer because they are compared in terms of price to others who use ready-to-eat meals, or even ultra-processed food without telling their customers,” he explains.

”Consumers need to know what they have on their plate and how it has been prepared” said Olivia Grégoire, minister of Trade. That’s why the French government wants restaurants to specify when meals have not been prepared from scratch. “A clear and compulsory mention will inform whether dishes are homemade are not” announced Olivia Gregoire, the French Trade Minister.

Consumers have to know what is in their dishes and how it is prepared “has the right”, he commented. French government intervened in the situation, and the food served in the restaurants whether the dishes were freshly prepared was notified. After that, the French whether the ingredients of the food served in restaurants are ready will be mandatorily notified whether it exists or not.





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