Michelin-starred Pony and Trap, located in Somerset, England, announced a relaunch with its new concept in Spring 2021, following its closure due to COVID-19.

Drawing attention with its local products and seasonal menu, Michelin-starred Pony & Trap has been working with chefs and restaurateurs in Bristol, in partnership with Breaking Bread, to help vulnerable people in need in the UK since the beginning of the pandemic. Now the owner of the Pony & Trap, brother and sister Josh and Holly Eggleton, will introduce the new “community kitchen” concept with the new relaunch. With this new concept, Pony & Trap will reserve three days of the week to provide the gastronomic experience for the ones that can’t afford.

According to a BristolLive report, “It’s a Robin Hood thing. We’re going to charge the rich and give it back to people who need it. That’s the way the world should work: redistribution of wealth. Dining won’t be a simple transaction of ‘pay us loads of money and we bend over backwards’. That’s the old way. I want my staff to enjoy it. It’ll be like coming to my house. The kitchen will be integrated into the restaurant and people can walk in and watch me. I’m not coming to the table to dress the plate” said chef Josh Eggleton.



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