The stars of the gastronomy world meet at Gastromasa! Let’s get to know our world-famous guests who opened our horizons with their inspiring experiences and culinary secrets. 

Paolo Casagrande, who met gastronomy at the culinary school in Vittorio Veneto, met with Martin Berasategui after training in London and Paris. The long-term friendship of the duo also paved the way for the emergence of successful menus. Paolo Casagrande, who entered Lasarte’s kitchen in 2003, joined the M.B. at The Ritz-Carlton Abama in 2009 and earned the first Michelin star in there. Returning to Lasarte in 2012, Casagrande took the restaurant’s exquisite menu even higher and was awarded three Michelin stars. Paolo Casagrande, who combines his Italian roots with his Catalan heritage and reflects Berasategui’s philosophy to his kitchen, is a source of inspiration for many of his colleagues with his technique and creativity.



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