Inari, which has made a name for itself with its global successes and the Far East style it has created unique to itself, hosted world-famous chef Yoji Tokuyoshi at the Inari Piku Etiler branch. Chef Tokuyoshi’s special dinner started at 20:00 yesterday with distinguished guests. Successful chef cooked bruschetta tuna with burrata, caviar and garlic tomato, hamachi aburi, artichoke -porcini mushroom fermented-, bone marrow and fermented squid with toasted bread, wagyu katsu sando, spaghetti with sea urchin and yuzu beurre blanc and nori, grilled duck with miso butter and white asparagus and cream caramel with hojicha ice cream.

Japanese-born chef Yoji Tokuyoshi, who worked as a ‘sous chef’ at Osteria Francescana for 9 years with Massimo Bottura, opened Ristorante Tokuyoshi, which bears his name, in Milan in 2015, after gaining experience in Modena in 2014.
The chef, who describes the Tokuyoshi restaurant’s cuisine as “Contaminated Italian”, has two Michelin stars. Yoji Tokiyoshi, who broke new ground with the menu he created by combining the flavors of Japanese and Italian cuisine, won his first Michelin star in 2015.

Inari, which has been deemed worthy of worldwide awards such as The World’s Discovery 50 Best Restaurant and 2023 Michelin Recommended, was brought together with taste lovers in Etiler on its 10th anniversary in 2022. He carried the menu he created by blending the Far East materials brought to the top even more.

Sözen group played a role in bringing the main sponsor Pepsi and the world-famous chef to Istanbul on 2-3 May, where a limited number of guests will be hosted and an extraordinary gastronomic experience will be experienced with the cooperation of the Michelin-starred chef Yoji Tokushi and the Michelin Recommended Inari brand. The “contaminated Italian” concept created by Tokuyoshi, who lives in Italy, will be felt by the chef’s special touches in the menu to be created at Inari Piku.

Stay tuned to Inari, who plans to continue hosting chefs around the world in the future.


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