The Arcade Food Theater, which aims to showcase the world’s cuisines and flavors and promote new talent, returns after a brief hiatus. Previously located on Tottenham Court Road and closed in 2019 due to the pandemic, Arcade Food Theater is preparing to open through JKS Group. The renamed Arcade Food Hall, which opens April 22, includes eight new kitchens, a mezzanine restaurant, outdoor seating, bars, and a counter-service restaurant.

The Arcade Food Hall is also notable for being the first of its kind in London. Guests who come here can order directly to their table from 8 different concept restaurants. The “digital food hall” format also allows customers to purchase different products from each of the eight kitchens in a single order.

World cuisines in the Arcade Food Hall

The Arcade Food Hall, offering various flavors of world cuisine, will be located at Center Point. Plaza Khao Gaeng and Bebek! Bebek! are the first restaurants that chef Luke Farrell has opened in the Arcade Food Hall. Plaza Khao Gaeng, located on the mezzanine level, will serve Thai cuisine with Luke Farrell’s interpretations. On the other side, Bebek! Bebek! with its crispy duck and chicken with Indonesian ingredients.

Other restaurants that will be in the Arcade Food Hall are as follows;

Arcade Provisions: The iconic flavors of Rochelle Canteen and Flour Bakery & Cafe are offered to guests beginning at 8 a.m.

Hero Indian Fast Food: The restaurant, which offers flavors of Indian street food, will focus on the iconic Punjabi Makhani Sauce.

Shatta & Toum: The restaurant, which will showcase examples of Sharma cuisine, will also offer Middle Eastern entrees.

Saborcito: The menu will feature classic tapas dishes alongside daily changing seafood specials.

Manna: The restaurant serves burgers and fried chicken inspired by restaurant culture in the United States.

Sushi Kamon: The sushi bar, whose menu changes weekly, offers the traditional omakase experience.

Benham & Froud Jelladrome by Bompas & Parr: It features shareable trifles layered with jelly, blancmange, biscuit, and cream, as well as boozy jelly shots.

Arcade Bar: A variety of cocktails from Arcade’s central bar. There will also be an extensive wine list.



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