Leading names of gastronomy tourism and hospitality industry come together at the 1st International Tourism Gastronomy and Hospitality Summit FSUMMIT. At FSUMMIT, which will be held with the theme of “Differentiation in Hospitality”, all stakeholders of the hospitality sector, especially domestic and foreign investors, managers, chefs, and F&B managers, will meet under the same roof in Antalya on June 23-24.

Antalya, one of the most preferred destinations in the Mediterranean, is preparing to host the 1st International Tourism Gastronomy and Hospitality Summit FSUMMIT, which will be held with the contributions of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. The natural beauty of Turkey, regional and promote local gastronomic values ​​and held to bring the attention of our country gastronomy tourism FSUMMIT, in The Organization hosted hotel and restaurant professionals, investors, managers, supervisors locally and internationally with gastronomy and tourism professionals brings together.

FSUMMIT, which will address many issues such as the new normal order after the pandemic in the tourism gastronomy and hospitality sector, trends, innovations, sustainability, and investment plans in the world, will cover the theme of “Differentiation in Hospitality” in its first year and will open the doors of the business world with the experts of the subject. In FSUMMIT, which will contribute to the development of the tourism and gastronomy of the country, the hospitality sector will be discussed in 360 degrees by the participants.

All-inclusive hotels, boutique hotels, city hotels, farms, restaurants in tourist destinations, food supply chains, and travel agencies as FSUMMIT will be discussed in-depth the important building blocks of the hospitality industry, the world and investors from Turkey, the operator of, the history of gastronomy professionals and their experiences will host. FSUMMIT, both from Turkey will bring a new breath to the sector by bringing together under the same roof, prominent names from the world.

On 23-24 June at FSUMMIT, TÜROFED Chairman Sururi Çorabatır, TÜROB Board Chairman Müberra Eresin, AKTOB Board Chairman Erkan Yağcı, Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Tourism Consultant Osman Ayık, TÜHİD Board Chairman Gonca Karakaş, World Travel Tourism Council CEO Gloria Guevara, TUSID Chairman Güçlü Kaplangı, Nestle General Manager Ali Mansour, TAFED Chairman Zeki Açıköz, Divan Group Kitchen Coordinator Giancarlo Gottardo, Vogue Group Managing Partner Özgür Tankut, Rixos Premium Hotel Executive Chef Ümit Çelikkaya, Zennup 1844 Key names such as Founder Ömür Akkor, OD Urla Founding Chief Osman Sezener, Akra Hotels Consultant Chief Tolga Atalay, Cookshop General Manager Selçuk Gengeç and Sözen Organization General Manager Gökmen Sözen will be present as speakers.

*Industry professionals will participate free of charge. You can contact from sozen@sozen-group.com for an e-invitation.



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