LA LISTE cuts through the chatter of hundreds of guidebooks, magazines, and review sites to bring users all the hospitality information they need in a simple, practical way. In a world where hyperconnected travelers want to plan trips with a scroll and a click, LA LISTE is the only digital tool to provide a truly global selection of the World’s Best Hotels. Thanks to its unique algorithm, LA LISTE can offer much more than any other hotel ranking. Consider it ‘the ranking of rankings’ because of its meta-classification method, a technique widely used in the entertainment industry by sites such as Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic. The LA LISTE approach has already proved itself indispensable to food lovers with its annual Top 1,000 World’s Best Restaurants ranking, published since 2015.

To compile its unique hotel ranking, LA LISTE aggregates reviews and results from over 300 travel guides, other rankings, media publications, and customer review sites, both national and international. From this research, 5,000 exceptional hotels emerged, each of which is now featured in the app. Using its bespoke algorithm, LA LISTE calculates a weighted average out of 100 for each entry and uses this to rank the Top 1,000 World’s Best Hotels around the world.

“LA LISTE is much more than a ranking system,” says Philippe Faure, President, and Founder of LA LISTE. “It’s the go-to source for the discerning traveller in search of excellence. Following the success of the World’s Best Restaurants and World’s Best Pastry Shops, our selection of the World’s Best Hotels completes LA LISTE’s contribution to luxury tourism.”

“By the summer, everyone who downloads the LA LISTE mobile app will be able to discover the Top 1,000 World’s Best Hotels as well as 5,000 hotels with a truly global spread across 200 countries.” This new product – LA LISTE World’s Best Hotels – has evolved out of the world-renowned expertise of LA LISTE, which has published the industry-leading Top 1,000 World’s Best Restaurant selection every year since 2015 at prestigious culinary events. The 5,000 chosen hotels will further strengthen the LA LISTE database, which already features over 32,000 restaurants and pâtisseries.

LA LISTE’S World’s Best Hotels, the Top 1,000 World’s Best Hotels, and LA LISTE Special Awards Hotels will be announced at the end of June by press release and on the LA LISTE website and social networks. The LA LISTE app will be updated immediately to reflect the new launch.

LA LISTE Top 1,000 World’s Best Hotels
● LA LISTE World’s Best Hotel 2023
● Top 1,000 hotels will be ranked from the 5,000 exceptional LA LISTE Hotels
● The ranking will be presented by category and by country.
LA LISTE Special Awards Hotels
● New Arrivals Award
● Innovation Award
● New Hotel Player Award
● Ethical & Sustainable Award
● Style & Design Award
● Heart & Soul Award
● Hidden Gems Award

LA LISTE is a private company that manages a digital database of the World’s Best Restaurants, Pastry Shops, and Hotels and shares this via its mobile app. It is the leading global source for restaurants and hotels, with over 33,000 restaurants and pastry shops, and 5,000 hotels across 200 countries, all chosen and managed via the same methodology.

LA LISTE is committed to providing discerning travellers and food lovers with up-to-date information on the very best restaurants, pastry shops, and hotels to visit around the world. LA LISTE also produces annual rankings of the Top 1,000 World’s Best Restaurants, and soon the Top 1,000 World’s Best Hotels, and produces exclusive culinary events of international scope to reveal winners and rankings but above all to bring together the international community of chefs and celebrate the diversity of cuisines from around the world.



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