Award-winning star chef Joris Bijdendijk, the owner of RIJKS® in Amsterdam will take place on November 4-5, 2023 at the International Gastromasa Gastronomy Conference.

The 8th Edition of the International Gastromasa Gastronomy Conference which continues to serve as a bridge between Turkey and world gastronomy and is in the first two places among world gastronomy events, will be held on November 4-5, 2023 at the Haliç Congress Center in Istanbul. The theme of the conference will be “Geography”. Gastromasa Hospitality, Gastromasa Coffee, Gastromasa Bar and Gastromasa Pastry concepts, which will take place within our Gastromasa Conference, will bring together world-renowned gastronomy professionals who shape the sector under the same roof. 60+ world-renowned chefs and pastry chefs, 30+ baristas, sommeliers and mixologists, 200+ professional speakers, the most important investors of the tourism and hospitality sector, famous chefs, gastronomy professionals, general managers, F&B managers, purchasing managers and many others will have the opportunity to take part at the 8th Edition of the International Gastromasa Gastronomy Conference.

About Joris Bijdendijk and His Restaurant RIJKS

Bijdendijk is the executive chef of restaurant RIJKS®, which opened its doors in November 2014. Bijdendijk introduced the ‘kitchen of the Low Lands’ that is characterized by the Dutch product in its simplicity. He is inspired by ingredients from Dutch soil and often uses the many international flavors that have influenced Dutch cuisine throughout the centuries. Bijdendijks love for beautiful products and good food grew early on. At the age of 16 Joris Bijdendijk worked as a dish washer in the kitchen of a well-known Amsterdam restaurant, when he decides to pursue a career as a chef. He accurately mapped out his path. First gaining knowledge from fishermen, butchers and farmers and later on technically learn from the best chefs. At the age of 19 Bijdendijk started working in the kitchen of Ron Blaauw. Under Blaauw’s wings he developed rapidly. In only six years Bijdendijk promoted to the position of kitchen chef. Bijdendijk then continues his adventure in France. He leaves for Montpellier, where he works as a chef the partie and later a souschef at the renowned star restaurant Le Jardin des Sens**. In 2012 Bijdendijk returns to the Netherlands to work as chef at restaurant Bridges at Hotel de Grand in Amsterdam. In 2014, he started as executive chef at restaurant RIJKS®, in the Rijksmuseum.

Having dinner at a restaurant located in an extraordinary location, is something that’s sought-after more and more in recent years. In 2014, restaurant RIJKS opened its doors in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam – the Dutch national museum of arts and history that exhibits a collection of masterpieces by Rembrandt, Vermeer, and many other famous artists. Joris Bijdendijk has been the restaurant’s Executive Chef right from its inception, but he’s up to more than just being the chef of this beautiful restaurant. On the sidelines, Joris Bijdendijk introduced the “Low Food” movement and started a second restaurant named Wils. At RIJKS the chef and his young, emerging team get their inspiration from ingredients grown on Dutch soil, while also making use of the many international flavours that have influenced the Dutch cuisine across centuries. Awarded one Michelin star in 2017, RIJKS is not only worth a visit for its unique location, but also for its exquisite cuisine.

The Rijksmuseum is located at the Museum Square in the Amsterdam South borough, just a stroll away from Vondelpark. With a collection dedicated to arts and history, including masterpieces by Rembrandt and Vermeer, the museum is definitely a must-visit if you’re planning a trip to Amsterdam. RIJKS certainly complements the Rijksmuseum’s fine reputation. As you step foot into the restaurant, it feels as though you are walking into a luxurious brasserie. The beautiful, wooden parquet floor, the black-brown tables, and cream-coloured chairs provide a warm atmosphere in the dining area. Add draping white table linen and cutlery set comfortably on the table, and it is evident that Chef Joris and his team have chosen to implement a relaxed atmosphere at RIJKS. The restaurant offers no less than 120 seats, which makes RIJKS the largest Michelin-star-awarded restaurant in the Netherlands.

After a tour of Rijksmuseum for iconic masterpieces by Dutch Masters, complete your trip to Amsterdam with a meal at this Michelin star restaurant, nestled in the Philips Wing of the museum. Boasting a listing on The World’s Best Restaurants: 50 Best Discovery List, 17 points and four toques on the Gault Millau guide, Rijks is chef Joris Bijdendijk’s love letter to Amsterdam, with an innovative menu featuring Dutch produce from surrounding cities.

At RIJKS restaurant, they carry the same philosophy as in the Rijksmuseum: quality, authenticity, and uniqueness, and it’s clear these values are held by the chefs and brought into the kitchen, the interior, and the location. Restaurant Manager Simone Blokker and her team provide the perfect service, while long-time Executive Chef Joris Bijdendijk and Chef de Cuisines Ivan Beusink and Yascha Oosterberg promote authenticity by cooking with products made on Dutch soil. The kitchen team is inspired by the many flavours that have influenced Dutch cuisine throughout the century.

Executive Chef Joris Bijdendijk is not only in charge of the day-to-day management at RIJKS, but he is also involved in numerous other projects. Feverishly passionate about his profession, he recently opened the doors of his second restaurant Wils. There, you can experience the true primal force in the kitchen: the fire. In addition, he also promotes the Low Food movement, which continues to grow year after year.

RIJKS, located in the Philips Wing of the Rijksmuseum – right in the heart of Amsterdam – is not only unique because of its location, but it gives even more thanks to its cuisine. The four cornerstones of Executive Chef Joris Bijdendijk’s cuisine include: simplicity, authenticity, quality, and unity. In the search for simplicity on the plate, his prime mission is flavour, and it’s exactly that richness that you sample in every single dish you’re served.



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