404 Bakery comes from a couple of Hong Kong bakers who took their home city by storm when they set up an online bakery driven by their obsession with chocolate cakes. However the bakery had to close when they decided, like so many others, to leave Hong Kong for London.

But Hong Kong’s loss it seems is London’s gain. While they search for a permanent bakery spot to call their own, they’ve teamed up with The Co-Kitchens in Dalston where they’ll be sharing their shopfront for the foreseeable future.

As for the cakes, there are three on offer:

Gâteau au Chocolat made with Guanaja 70%
Lisbon Chocolate Cake – their bestseller made with Port
12-layer Chocolate Cake – choose from three different iterations made with different varieties of Valrhona chocolate and a choice of Banana Foster, Highland Whisky or Rum Cherry flavours.
“We believe that chocolate cakes, just like English, are a universal language,” they say.


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