Gökmen Sözen, CEO of Sözen Group and Creator of Gastromasa, made the opening speech of the conference that was signed by Sözen Organization, which left its 15th year behind;

“What a great pride; one of the world’s three largest gastronomy conferences held in Turkey. This year, we hosted 40 world-renowned chefs and pastry chefs, 7 sommeliers and mixologists, Turkey’s most important professional speakers, investors, chefs, and opinion leaders on sustainability and biodiversity. As the Gastromasa team, we go to many continents of the world every year and follow the world’s most important chefs and professionals. We focused on the “Sustainability & Biodiversity” theme for a better world with many special guests in this area. We want a good future. Because we borrow from the future and we destroy the future. That’s why it’s not just chefs and restaurants this year. We also invited brands to be a part of this movement. On behalf of the gastronomy world, I would like to thank all our sponsors and brands working in this field.”


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