International Gastromasa Gastronomy Conference & Fair, which is one of the two most important conferences in the world and has made a name for itself with its success in the gastronomy sector for many years, is coming to London!

Gastromasa London brings together the doyen and leading chefs, sommeliers, mixologists and professionals who shape the gastronomy sector in London, one of the most important food and beverage destinations in the world. Gastromasa, which has taken its international line to the next platform, has started its preparations to hold the International Gastromasa Gastronomy Conference & Fair with its background and know-how on 28-29 May 2024 at the Olympia Conference Centre in London with the theme of ‘Inspiration’.

Gastromasa, which acts as a bridge between Turkey and the world gastronomy and is one of the important capital points of the world in the field of food and beverage, will host chefs, sommeliers, mixologists, industry professionals and investors who make a difference in their field in London on 28-29 May 2024.

Gastromasa London, organised by Sözen Global, brings together national and international inspirational, creative and gastronomy industry leading names with the theme ‘Inspiration’. From the inspiring stories of world-renowned chefs, sommeliers and mixologists to their career journeys; from venue, concept & design to their creative processes, all the details will take place with interviews, panels and demos. The stories of gastronomy professionals and investors that inspire and make a difference in the sector will also accompany us.

During the Gastromasa London Congress and Fair our guests will have the oppurtunity to see world’s prominent chefs at the same time, whilethey will also have the oppurtunity  to experience new products of the participating companies with their stants and to watch the whorkshops.

Get ready to experience this unique opportunity by taking your place at Gastromasa London Conference & Fair!






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