Chef Jeremy Ford won the Michelin award this year for his Stubborn Seed restaurant. Ford has announced that it will now open a restaurant in Coral Gables with Grove Bay Hospitality.

Ford has decided to open a new restaurant in Coral Gables with Grove Bay Hospitality. Ford, the name behind Stubborn Seed in Miami Beach, which earned a Michelin star earlier this year, is joining Grove Bay Hospitality Group to open Beauty and the Butcher this fall.

The new spot takes over the former space of Public Square on Red Road, which opened in 2020 but is now permanently closed. Garcia-Menocal said in a statement that the contemporary American grill “had a good run but the restaurant has untapped potential.”

The design changes to the new restaurant will be minimal, with Beauty and the Butcher keeping Public Square’s booths and large, U-shaped bar. Ford, the winner of “Top Chef” Season 13, says he plans to incorporate some of his personal style, too.

“I want to channel that same inviting, laid-back atmosphere you can find at Stubborn Seed,” he says. “I like that guests can dress up or down at my restaurants without feeling out of place.”



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