In this period when the opening date of the restaurants in France was uncertain, an experimental “zero Covid-19 restaurant” was created in the Alsace region, according to Finedining Lovers. The Michelin-starred La Maison des Têtes restaurant in Colmar is transformed into an innovation lab by restaurant owners Eric and Marilyn Girardin.

In the restaurant, which is organized according to the Covid-Free restaurant protocol, the seats are separated with plexiglass barriers, while contactless soap dispensers and disposable towels will be used in the kitchen. The Zero-Covid study also tested a portable device that facilitates disinfection of surfaces, tables, credit cards, cutlery, and jugs. The restaurant is also expected to run rapid tests with saliva sampling.

The restaurant is not the first to experiment with new safety measures. Last summer French chef Alain Ducasse revealed a new anti-virus air system at his tiny Allard restaurant in Paris, to overcome social distancing restrictions.



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