Restaurants determine the spirit of the places with many features. Design, adaptation to trends, and the chef’s influence are the criteria that make a place a place in my eyes. Just like pulling a stone incorrectly, if there is a wrong point, your efforts and investments will be wasted. In order for everything to go smoothly, it is necessary to play the game according to the rules in every detail of the venue. Whether it is a hotel, a restaurant or a café… There are certain points in this regard. In my opinion, the important points are as follows:

-Having a design that reflects the culture/character of the place
-Trendy and up-to-date
-Chef’s influence

Designs that reflect the culture of the place and timeliness

With guest profiles changing every year, the trend concept also changes. What does this mean? It means that the places preferred by guests become the trend of that year. Especially in the financial cities of the world, such as New York, London, Dubai, Singapore, Tokyo, and Moscow, the food culture is also known to develop and a trend is known to spread around the world. In these places, people have a warmer environment with the restaurants we call ‘casual dining’. Customers feel at home in a way. Casual dining venues do not fall into the category of chain restaurants, and since their food quality is always high, they offer good service to their customers.

Restaurants such as Nobu, Hakkasan, and Amazonico; offer world cuisine and Far Eastern flavors and welcome their customers with up-to-date and luxurious architecture. In addition, this feeling of luxury is supported by the decoration and interior. At the same time, places like these are growing more and more because they reflect both the culture of the restaurant and the culture of the country. In these restaurants, the quality of the hospitality and the quality of the food will always be at the forefront of fine dining.

Chefs and mixology

No matter how contemporary the design and design reflect the culture and character of the place, there is the chef in the background who will impress the guests with his unique dishes. The chef’s presentation, the way he approaches the guest, and the flavor he adds to the food are other factors that attract the customer. Food, atmosphere, and timeliness are enough for a place to keep its customers at all times.

One of the fastest-rising trends in recent years is mixology. With mixology bars, the architecture and decoration of venues are also changing. The ‘fine dining’ sector is also changing its shell and starting to create mixology bars under its auspices. In this way, customers can experience new cocktails and drinks with different flavors and aromas at the bar while eating their meal.

Technology everywhere, anytime

It is also important to mention the technological side of restaurants. During the pandemic, contactless shopping on credit cards became more popular. With the development of artificial intelligence applications, people check-in without the need for someone even in their hotels. This situation also enables contactless payment in restaurants or by scanning the QR code.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have recently been used by a well-known foodservice brand in Turkey. It is unknown what kind of world order awaits us when robots that offer unmanned delivery can become widespread in the future. But I can say that I think that deliveries with these delivery robots and drones, which are indispensable in recent years, are close.

If I were to make a short summary; no matter how important the decoration is, it is always the customers who do a place justice. It is the customers who determine a restaurant as a ‘trend’. If the food, service, and presentation win the hearts of the customers and are sustainable, people will never lose interest in the place. Finally, mixology bars, which I think will soon take their place in every restaurant, are preparing to offer different opportunities to customers. I have no doubt that this formation, which I believe will come to our lives with a new generation of restaurant understanding, will become indispensable for people after a while. With technology being at the center of our lives, especially with the effect of the pandemic, I think this field will be more involved in our lives in the coming months, perhaps years.


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