Paco Torreblanca has been named one of the best Pastry Masters in the world numerous times by various universities, including Doctor Honoris Causa, the best Artisan Pastry Master in Spain and Europe. Their famous Panettone has awards in and outside Italy and is recognized as the World’s Best Panettone outside Italy. He won the World’s Best Pastry Chef in 2022.

The flavors of Torreblanca are born from passion, dedication and the desire to create a gastronomic experience for the person who tastes its creations. The center of its work is the city of Alicante and its first store was established in 1978. His firm consists of a workshop with a capacity of 100 employees on an area of 3,000 m2. It produces haute pastry varieties with the best and selected raw materials. It has the highest quality and proven prestige nationally and worldwide with its recognized awards in all gastronomy branches.

Torreblanca, always new and avant-garde

Paco Torreblanca, who was selected as the World’s Best Pastry Chef and known as the King of Patisserie in Spain, and also started his career journey as one of the greatest master chefs of the world pastry in the last thirty years; “When I was 13, my father sent me to Paris, France, and thanks to my boss, Jean Millet, I learned the basics and discipline of pastry making. I lived there for many years and my passion grew.”

About his collaborations throughout his career, which is the cornerstone of his pastry journey as the father of modern pastry; “I have always believed that I should share my ideas with all the professionals in this sweet world, so it takes a long time to make a list of all the people I have crossed paths with in this long process.”

“I think every country should have laws controlling the use of harmful products”

“As for my perspective on pastry, I have always sought new forms in search of simplicity. In addition, I wanted all my work to be chemical-free and free of additives.” He conveys his point of view on pastry. Talking about the extraordinary success of his book, Torreblanca continues: “I have written six books and it is a great pleasure to see how successful this last one is in its fourth edition. And yes, I’m planning to write another one, I don’t know when it will happen, but a new project looks imminent in the future.”

Nature and art with impeccable designs are his favorite sources of inspiration

He states that the new season is approaching in Torreblanca cuisine, for the special products he prepared for the summer and the way he planned the menu; “We generally like to work with fresh fruit. This year, we are focusing more on strawberries, raspberries, but especially on yuzu, a citrus species originating from East Asia, and Philippine lemon-calamansi.”

His views on issues such as ensuring the continuity of quality and the effect of production on innovation, as he has commented many times before on different platforms; “The key for me is choosing products that do not contain pesticides or chemical elements, followed by a sustainable and high-quality production. I think every country should have laws controlling the use of harmful products.” Torreblanca, which sees R&D as the most key element of food production; “The most important thing is R&D, which is the work on the research and development of new techniques, products to create new recipes and always be at the forefront of the pastry world.”

When we ask how he sees world gastronomy in the future; “I believe that gastronomy will return to its original taste, flavors that have been lost in many cases. But I think these will come back with lighter meals, less fat, less sugar, and more and more seeking the purity of the pure product, without sacrificing a less extreme and much simpler aesthetic.”

Paco Torreblanca is still in constant renewal as one of the world’s greatest master chefs and a well-known professional over the past three decades and has shown no signs of stagnation. His hands always carry creativity to its highest point in pastry with a clear motto: ‘see, observe and think’. Both his style and his understanding of avant-garde pastry continue to impress not only the new generation of confectioners, but also pastry masters of all ages.


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