Connaught Bakery is a very special bakery located in the heart of Mayfair, next to The Connaught and on the majestic Mount Street. Patisserie, designed by Ab Rogers Design, offers you handmade delights, from the first croissant in the morning to the patisserie with champagne in the afternoon, to the beautifully boxed celebratory cakes to take home for a special occasion. Their cakes and pastries are prepared by Executive Pastry Chef Nicolas Rouzaud and the patisserie team. Nicolas Rouzaud is a pastry chef in Connaught for 4 years. He started working here at the age of 16.

Nicolas Rouzaud Executive Pastry Chef, The Connaught Patisserie

Chef Rouzaud has always wanted to be a chef, ever since he walked the streets of his hometown of Toulouse as a little boy and smelled the enticing aroma of pastry from the local bakery. Rouzaud then began looking for ways to bring his passion to life, and after gaining a short work experience during the school summer holidays, his culinary journey officially began at the age of 17 as a baker’s apprentice. It was at Le Bristol Paris that he honed his skills under the tutelage of legendary pastry chef Laurent Jeannin, who sadly passed away last year, and Rouzaud considers him the biggest influence on his career. “It always made me want to learn more. He was very honest, very tidy, very clean, and had the utmost respect for both the taste and the look of the cake.”

Rouzaud eventually came to London and worked at another famous venue, The Lanesborough, before joining the team at The Connaught. He has worked with some outstanding pastry chefs in amazing places around the world. It has always been influenced by seasonal products. You know you’ll get the best flavors and variations throughout the year – which makes the job exciting. After working in Paris, Bangkok and London, he discovered delicious products but always honored and valued traditional methods and techniques in the kitchen.

Seasonal and Classic Tastes Together

I took great care in designing a menu that would appeal to everyone. I wanted to create new combinations by blending unusual flavors with traditional French patisseries. Quality and seasonal ingredients are key and truly define the difference between a good and a great cake. The much-loved Connaught hound adorning the hotel emblem has been reimagined as a chocolate hazelnut cake. This miniature work of art is a signature patisserie you can feast on. Connaught Patisserie, classic Paris-Brest or St. It offers a delicious array of cakes that change seasonally, from Honoré to the more eclectic Yuzu & Honeycomb Éclair.

Stands Out With Its Design and Timeless Style

Layered textures of pink sandstone, walnut wood and polished mirrors create a stylish interior palette by Ab Rogers Design, with colored glass lights suspended above the centerpiece of pistachio-ripple Bianco Fantastico marble. Connaught Patisserie’s defining blend of classic and contemporary is timeless, whether it’s the perfect moment for a buttery croissant or afternoon snack. From the flavors, you can choose Fig & Walnut Mousse according to the season, or if you are feeling “gourmet” you can always choose the traditional Paris-Brest with Hazelnut with cappuccino, or if you are craving chocolate, you can choose the Tonka tart.


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