According to some, it is a dessert taken from Italy to France, according to others, it is the French version of the macaroon seen in the Ottoman Period. In the 68th issue of our Patisserie by FoodinLife magazine, we take you to the streets of Paris, the capital city of France, where colorful macarons are filled with flavors in the middle and flavored with various flavors.

Pierre Herme

Pierre Hermé, one of the famous confectioners of France, is most famous for his macarons among his desserts. Hermé’s macarons are made using different materials as well as being shaped by new interpretations as well as traditional flavors. The menu includes chocolate, caramel, lemon, raspberry, strawberry and many other flavors, while seasonal macarons are also produced.


Fauchon was founded in Paris in 1886. Offering chocolate, candies, cakes, pastries, jams and macarons, the venue welcomes its guests with innovative flavors as well as traditional French macarons. Larger and fuller macarons compared to traditional macaron size; It contains many different flavors such as chocolate, caramel, raspberry, lemon, mango, strawberry, pistachio, almond, orange blossom, lavender and chestnut. Fauchon also offers special macarons on special occasions and holidays.

La Durée

Located in the capital of France, Paris, the world-famous macaron shop La Durée opened its doors in 1862. Since then, it has become famous for its unique macarons, cakes, chocolates and other desserts. In addition to traditional macarons, the venue, which features constantly changing seasonal flavors and special collections, offers a limited number of Christmas or summer collections at certain times of the year.

Sadahara Aoki

Although juxtaposing Japan and macaron at first was a stretch for the imagination, Sadaharu Aoki makes that dream come true. Japanese confectioner Aoki combines Japanese and French cuisines in Paris to offer delicious flavors, which makes it different from other macarons. Its menu usually includes macarons that try to balance between Japanese flavors such as green tea, matcha, jasmin, bergamot and classic French flavors.


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