Clare Smyth MBE, the internationally renowned three Michelin-starred chef, has taken over the Presidency of Bocuse d’Or UK.
Clare has taken over the role from Simon Rogan who held the Presidency since taking over from Brian Turner CBE in 2018 and remains a key member of the Bocuse d’Or UK Academy.

The appointment is part of Bocuse d’Or UK’s ambition to ‘inspire’ young British chefs and to give Team UK the best chance of winning in the ‘world’s most prestigious cooking contest’.

Clare is the first and only British female chef to be awarded three Michelin stars for her restaurant Core by Clare Smyth in London, and the fourth British chef in history to receive the honour.

She also recently became the second chef in history to hold three hats at the same time for her restaurant Oncore by Clare Smyth in Sydney, Australia, after just a year opening.

Commenting on the news, Clare said: “After witnessing the UK team’s ambition and skill at this year’s Bocuse d’Or World Final, earning them 7th place amongst the world’s best chefs, I am honoured to accept the prestigious role of team President.

“The opportunity is there for Britain to be regarded as one of the best in global gastronomy. Receiving such recognition not only reinforces our influence in the international culinary world, but can also have a huge impact on our hospitality industry by encouraging growth and inspiring the next generation of chefs.

“Team UK undoubtedly has the ability to reach the top, but to do so, we need more investment. Similar to Olympic athletes, this would allow the chefs to dedicate more of their time to train and to practice for the Bocuse d’Or, which we know is a key contributor to the success of the winning teams.”

The Ritz London’s John Williams MBE will also be stepping down as technical director with Adam Bennett from The Cross at Kenilworth taking over.

The next challenge for the Bocuse d’Or UK will be to recruit and train the next candidate and commis chef from a national selection in June this year. The new team will need then to put in a strong performance at the Bocuse d’Or European selection which takes place in Trondhem Norway from March 19-20th 2024.


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